We receive many inquiries from customers and interested parties about our use of packaging – and rightly so! It is a focus area at COCOHAGEN, which from the start has filled enormously and continues to develop.

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The plastic film we use at COCOHAGEN is state of the art because it is 100% pure plastic (PE-PP). The foil can be sorted as soft plastic and recycled into new plastic products. It is a unique form of plastic packaging. The soft, clean plastic is significantly more expensive than the foil we used previously. It is an active choice on our part that we will use as little packaging as possible, in the greenest possible way and sensibly.


We use plastic wrap to ensure durability. COCOHAGEN is velvety, aromatic and anything but dry and boring. Without packaging, it becomes dry after a few days. This is because of the 100% natural raw materials; we do not preserve COCOHAGEN - there are 0% additives and preservatives. And so it shall continue to be!
It is also a dogma in our production that we package our products to reduce food waste. We do not take responsibility for saving the whole world, but we make sure that what comes from us is in order and takes care of the environment.


Not only is our packaging recyclable and biodegradable, it is also produced in Denmark - in Hedensted, Jutland. We want to support the Danish business community and at the same time minimize our climate footprint.


Common to our measures is that we aim for minimization and reusability of our packaging forms, and we are constantly getting smarter. Among other things, because of our customers, who have a high level of care, strong attitudes and clear wishes for our way of approaching packaging. So always feel free to send us your feedback and ideas to


The plastic foil: Produced by Polyprint, Hedensted. 100% recyclable.

The carton: Produced by Schur, Horsens. FSC-certified, Swedish birch wood. Print in water colors.

Corrugated cardboard: Produced by DS Smith, Grenaa. FSC-certified, Swedish birch wood. Print in water colors.

Package contents: Produced in Sindal, close to Århus. Made from corn granules from GMO-free and pesticide-free fields. 100% biodegradable and compostable (certified according to DIN EN 13432).

The tape: Swedish produced. Bio-based paper tape.

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