Where do our raw materials come from?

It is important to us that there is full transparency with which raw materials we use. We only use raw materials that we can vouch for 100%. We are proud to choose quality and sustainability so that we can offer the tastiest and cleanest products. Therefore, the only thing you have to worry about when eating a Cocohagen is whether you have something between your teeth.


From the start, we have worked from the premise that everything must be 100% organic. Why? Because we think it's the right way to eat and the only right way to cultivate the land. At the same time, COCOHAGEN was founded with the desire to create an alternative to conventional sweets. It must be equally crunchy, creamy, soft and deliciously sweet - just produced with 100% natural ingredients.

We always value quality over price. We also attach great importance to the fact that those we do business with also care about where things come from and that the journey from farm to table is done in a responsible manner.


The cocoa we use for Cocohagen is high-quality cocoa from Belgian Callebaut, made from the best cocoa beans from West Africa. The cocoa composition we use is specially made for us, so that it gives Cocohagen just the right chocolate taste.

We have chosen to collaborate with Callebaut, as their production of cocoa is sustainable and certified by Cocoa Horizons. The Callebaut cocoa farm in West Africa is part of a charitable and sustainable project that invests in professionalizing agriculture, improving productivity and helping cocoa farmers increase their income and livelihood.

This means that when you buy a Cocohagen, you are helping to support the cocoa farmers in West Africa.


The date we use for Cocohagen is completely unique and different from the one you can buy on the Danish market. It is delicious and caramelized and has a juicy and 'fudgy' texture, which distinguishes it from other dates that are otherwise known. It is the date that ensures the creamy texture and sweetness that Cocohagen has.

There are many different varieties of dates. Our dates belong to the Deglet Nour family, which contains several different subvarieties. Our dates are significantly more expensive than what else is available on the market. This is because it is a sublime raw material, which is grown in the best possible and organic way. Dates are grown in North Africa.


Our almonds are "grown up" in Spain and handpicked by local Spanish almond farmers. We roast the almonds before they arrive in Cocohagen to add extra flavor.

Hazelnuts are the main element in our Cocohagen Hazel. The nuts are roasted, which gives them a delicious nougat-like taste.

Our cashews are creamy with a round and mild taste. Cashews come in different sizes, with the largest ones rich in oil and good taste. For the sake of good taste, we of course use the largest ones on the market.


We use Pink Himalayan salt to give Cocohagen a slightly salty undertone.

The pink rock salt has not been exposed to external influences since the Himalayan mountains were formed in the dawn of time. That is why we have chosen to use Pink Himalayan salt in our production of Cocohagen.


Our limited edition, Vanillawinter, contains sustainable vanilla from Social Vanilla. The vanilla is grown with respect for nature and the local community. Each vanilla bean is handpicked and selected with care to ensure the highest quality and thus the most delicious vanilla flavor in Cocohagen Vanillawinter.


Our Sol Over Gudhjem winner, Cocohagen Barista, is produced with sustainable and organic coffee from Ønsk. The coffee is produced with respect for the environment and the coffee farmers, and it is imported directly from selected farmers in Nicaragua.


Common to our choice of raw materials is that we always opt for ecology and sustainability, and we are constantly getting smarter. Among other things, because of our customers, who have clear wishes and strong attitudes towards our way of producing Cocohagen. So always feel free to send us your feedback and ideas to cocohagen@cocohagen.dk

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