With a huge amount of hunger for deliciousness and a widespread degree of business naivety and a personality that is characterized by challenging everything around him, the police officer from the stone bridge, Asbjørn Diemer, decided to revolutionize snobbery.

He believed (and still believes) that cravings for everything that tastes good can SLIGHTLY be compatible with a healthy life.

Today, at COCOHAGEN, we operate constantly and focused towards the goal of improving taste and sensory by actively choosing quality and sustainability. We have the courage to lead the way and a completely indomitable indifference from the norms of others.
This results in COCOHAGEN plant-based cocoa truffles – and they are the tastiest in the world.

All that is now also reflected in our visual identity: Condensed to 3 x 8 centimeters – complete uncompromising confectionery, organic, plant-based and produced in Denmark:

COCOHAGEN, new foil

'COCO' has always referred to cocoa.
'HAGEN' for our close relationship with the place where we originally come from.

'Bird', the free bird with the free choice that has naturally chosen to
settle with us, you will hear a lot more about.

Feat. @pearlfisher.

#dyrkdetselv #smagselv

the coco garden gif

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