At a time when the wind is very much in COCOHAGEN's sails and the pace is full-speed ahead with newly acquired capital, strong resources, in-depth know-how and a wide network*, it is also appropriate to take a temperature measurement and maintain the ground connection - get a little extra taste of where it all started, to remember the mission and values ​​of the fledgling start-up from here, and take the important, very first building blocks with us.

It all started with Pure Cocoa. It is the symbol of starting something new, disrupting a market, going against the conventional idea that snobbery is unhealthy and sinful. Because it MUST be possible to do it differently? We MUST then be able to pamper our taste buds with top-class taste and velvety sensory properties without it being full of additives, palm oil and refined sugar.

Asbjørn, the former police officer from Stenbroen, who always has a robbery story up his sleeve, has this time been placed in the makeshift video studio to tell the story of Pure Cocoa. Why is it called "Pure"? What's in it? And how much does he really know about dates?? By delving into the history of Pure Cocoa, a good picture is formed of a company's start-up, 10 tons of hand-stoned dates and a mission of taste and pampering.


Pure Cocoa is, in short, the very first variant in COCOHAGEN's history - filled with 100% dark, pure cocoa, large, roasted almonds, fat, sweet cashews, juicy dates and it is rolled in coconut. It has gone from being a 50 gram bass in a round rum ball shape, wrapped in cellophane - to a more mouth-watering "bite", packed in 100% recyclable foil in a flow packer . The biggest advantage of packing the cocoa truffles in this way is that the flow-wrapped foil retains the truffles' moisture and significantly increases shelf life due to the completely pure mijlø that is in the packaging.

Pure Cocoa is the pioneer, the trailblazer and has been a darling from the start – and still is. Bon appetite!

*pssst... in case you missed it: We won Sol Over Gudhjem and got Johan Bülow on board as an eager and dedicated co-owner. More about that. As soon as possible!

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