Sol Over Gudhjem 's chef and product competition of the year!

- we were in the final and the nerves were on the outside of the clothes when Asbjørn was ready for the Michelin chefs and the gastronomes' assessment. It was hard to put the arms down again, as "the winner is ... Cocohagen!" was announced 🥳

With this, we got the best in the field to ensure that taste and sensory experience are right in the eye. There are still celebrations at the tank in Humlebæk - and Asbjørn said the following when he was asked what it was like to win Sol Over Gudhjem's Product Prize:

"When I started Cocohagen, it was with the desire to create something new... and with a lot of drive to see what my skills are capable of. When I stood on Saturday waiting for the judges' decision, it occurred to me that it is actually a milestone and potential turning point to be judged by some of the country's foremost chefs for our cocoa truffle that we have created, produced, packaged and delivered, because that is exactly what we want - to offer the tastiest and tastiest confectionery - the recognition in receiving the Sol Over Gudhjem Product Prize is also the diploma that it has been successful.
... And then it's insanely cool that it's organic, plant-based cocoa truffles that we produce without added sugar or additives that can be called WINNERS 💚🌱🏆"

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