You are standing with a plant-based cocoa truffle in your hand - lucky you. On the front of the foil (which is 100% recyclable if you make sure to sort it as soft plastic 😉) - just below COCOHAGEN's logo - you can see which variant you are tasting:

Cocoa Orange Bliss Bite: Cocoa Orange Bliss Bite is dark, crunchy, soft and tart. Orange meets 100% chocolate and cocoa nibs. Contains dates, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, Pink Himalayan salt and orange oil.

Pure Cocoa Bliss Bite: Bite it like a brownie... A cocoa lover's dream! It consists of lots of pure, dark cocoa, roasted almonds, and then it's rolled in crispy coconut.

Contains dates, cashews, almonds, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, almond oil, coconut and Pink Himalayan salt.

Oat Fashioned Bliss Bite: Oat Fashioned Bliss Bite is the date version of the classic and sweet oat biscuit. Our Oat has acidity from apples and is flavored with apricot kernels and Pink Himalayan salt, which gives marzipan notes and depth. Oat Fashioned contains dates, gluten-free oats, apricot kernel oil, apple, pink Himalayan salt and lemon.

Chunky Hazelnut Bliss Bite: If you like the taste of hazelnuts, you will definitely love our Chunky Hazelnut Bite. It has hazelnuts both inside AND outside. The nuts are roasted, which gives them a delicious nougat-like taste. Yum! Contains dates, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, hazelnut oil and Pink Himalayan salt.

Mint Cocoa Nibs Bliss Bite: Cocoa and mint in a wonderful combination. The taste brings to mind something that must only be eaten after eight…
If you're into mint, you'll love Mint Cocoa Nibs, which are equal parts soft and crunchy and DARK! Contains dates, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, Pink Himalayan salt and mint oil.