Cocohagen on all new flights from Airbus 🛫...

AIRBUS x Cocohagen

Every time an airline carrier wants a new and super cool aircraft they contact AIRBUS.When the big day arrives and their new jet is ready the carrier's staff will go off to Germany and bring it home.When they enter their brand new AIRBUS they will be treated with all the best captains.. soon that also includes a Cocohagen. Sweet!

The best on the counter

JOE & THE JUICE x Cocohagen

Cocohagen and Joe & The Juice have been working together since 2017.

With the two fast rotating SKUs Cocohagen is supplying Joe & The Juice for more than 320 stores at more than 20 markets.

The Cocohagen made 'Joe's Raw Cocoa Bite' and Joe's Raw Hazelnut Bite' are perfect as upsell products together with a cup of coffee - to stay or to go!

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