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Aiming to make healthy snacking delicious  and convenient

We offer a ‘free from promise’ by working with grade-a ingredients, recyclable packaging and consistently focusing on doing better. Our ambition is to offer the best in-between meal snack.

So what is it? Cocohagen is a plant based cocoa truffle. Single packed, 20 gram, ambiently stored, award winning snack.

Gluten free, lactose free, palm oil free. Free from added sugar, preservatives or additives.


Coffee shop

Convenient countertop upsell product providing high rotation and a healthy expression. The taste of a Cocohagen pairs perfectly with coffee. Dark and sweet with a lot of cocoa powder, and due to the organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients, Cocohagen cater to diverse dietary preferences and elevate customer satisfaction meanwhile promoting a wholesome brand image.


Looking for a complimentary high on values easy to understand for the travelers and with a convenient handling? Cocohagen can be used for most food intolerances and allergies as they are gluten free, lactose free, some are nut free and all are organic. The sweetness comes from dates only. Packaging foil is recyclable. Paper based foil is possible. How you store Cocohagen is optional and can be either frozen, chilled or ambient. Ambient storage provides a total shelf life of 7 months.


Hotels and offices are our main game and where it all adds up! Responding to the needs for nutritious meeting catering and a demand for reinforcing the corporate values and perhaps filing annual ESG reports we provide it all with a single pack filled with strong values and award winning taste.


Can't wait? Order today from the shop cocohagen in cases with 25 pcs. We ship on a daily basis. Lead times to Europe approx. 4 business days. Lead times to the rest of the world is a maximum of 10 days.


COCOA. HAZEL. TRIPLE. CURRANT. ORANGE. BARISTA. BANANA. VANILLA. Those are the flavors. 20g is the high performing regular size. 10g is made to order.


If it is a no-brainer in case of making a cleaner world we pursuit it. So far we have succeed on: Recyclable foil. FSC-certified cardboard boxes. Compostable package filling. Greenhouse gas inventory providable on request.

Logistics and handling

We want it being convenient to get and enjoy Cocohagen. Ordering directly or through your preferred distributor. Low MOQs. Flexible case sizing. Delivery by courier in all markets. Lead time max 10 days internationally. Stored ambient and works just as well chilled or frozen.

Cocohagen and the founder

Founder, Asbjørn Diemer: Former police officer, foodie and carrying father of four with a high intake of snacks and conscious about doing things better.

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