Former police officer, foodie and caring father of four with a high intake of snacks and conscious about doing things better.

It all started in 2017. Back then, Asbjørn was a SWAT police officer in Copenhagen. In addition to his job in law enforcement, he began rolling date balls in his spare time—partly because he had a fondness for healthy snacks, and partly because he hoped to earn a little extra money alongside his civil servant salary.

Production of healthy snacks started up for real in January 2017, when he moved into a defunct gas station in Humlebæk—just a stone's throw from Louisiana. Since then, things have only progressed. After taking over the gas station, there was suddenly room for top-of-the-line machines, including a molding machine that shapes the confectionery mass into plant based cocoa truffles and everyday bars. This has really boosted the production. Although much has changed since the beginning, the premise of the product has not: it is still 100% organic, vegan, and free from additives or preservatives. And it just tastes incredibly delicious.


Healthy, strong, holistic and courageous.


Can you combine a healthy life with true indulgence?


Make ‘healthy’ ‘delicious’ and be best in class.